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Our focus was to create a structure that would help those in the developing world empower themselves. The B[un]ker is a long term, deployable solution for those in harsh environments. Whether people face hurricanes and earthquakes or a failing utility grid and crumbling infrastructure, the B[un]ker is the ultimate sustainable safe-haven for those living or operating in places lacking shelter, water, and electricity.

Project [un]Contained

embodies the achievable idea that harsh environments should not result in harsh living conditions. This effort is led by undergraduate University of Colorado, Denver students to design, develop, and deliver a deployable, multi-purpose structure utilizing upcycled shipping containers to make a positive impact in the developing world.

The [un]Contained B[un]ker

A Self-Sustainable Design, Addressing 4 Critical Needs

A Safe Structure



Reliable Energy



Project Success

Project [un]Contained won the Fall 2017 Mechanical Engineering Design Competition at CU Denver.

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