Our Design

By up-cycling two 8′ x 20′ shipping containers and equipping the containers with proven technology, this multi-purpose unit is capable of providing a safe structure that is resilient to earthquakes and hurricanes, generating reliable energy to power essential appliances, collecting and purifying water for drinking and sanitation, and enabling good health by utilizing these resources.

A Safe Structure​

A hurricane and earthquake resistant 480 ft² multi-purpose structure utilizing two Corten Steel shipping containers.

Reliable Energy

A 2 kW modular PV system with battery storage for 24/7 electricity powering LED lighting and Energy Star Appliances.

Clean Water​

 A dual shade-rainwater collector feeds into a 7-stage water purification system accompanied by a shower, sink and composting toilet.

Good Health

Growing food with an urban garden, keeping the food fresh with refrigeration, and encouraging cleanliness with proper sanitation.